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GRE Interactive Online Course

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Course Outline:

Total Number of Classes: 36-40

Review classes: 5 to 7

Duration of each class: 1.5-2 hours

Language: Bangla

Timeline: 12 classes per month, taking upto 3 months.

Class schedule (i.e. days of the week and time) will be fixed on the convenience of the students and the course coordinator 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. At least 72 hours of content that covers all the areas of GRE curriculum.
  2. You’ll learn the topics of GRE with comparative ease. You WILL NOT need to memorize any mathematical laws or cheap mnemonics.
  3. You’ll be assisted to learn GRE word lists in a way that does not require them to memorize blindly.
  4. You’ll not only learn the contents of GRE but also the strategies to do well in the actual exam. These strategies will help you excel compared to your peers.
  5. In most cases you can study the GRE comprehensively and still fail to achieve a desired score due to pressure in the actual exam. This happens because students are not accustomed to the limited time that they are allowed. After the completion of this course you’ll learn to cope up with the time crunch.
  6. Extensive and intimate one-to-one interaction between the instructor and you due to the online nature of the course.
  7. The online course is adaptive and can be tailored to the need of a student. For example: if a student feels that he or she needs to understand a topic better, the instructor can easily adapt and modify the lecture on the go to meet the student’s requirements.
  8. You will be guided to online materials that will give them an edge during the GRE exam.
  9. Class tests are inclusive. In each class students will be taught the basics and elaborate strategies and then students will be prompted to solve from reference materials. After that the instructor will help the students to understand and learn problems that they could not solve.
  10. As it is possible to join the course online, you can avoid the hassle of moving through heavy traffic. You can join the class from your home and during a convenient time. This will also save precious time that you can utilize to study. You will be able to access all the previous video sessions pre-recorded and re-watch it as many times as you want.


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Hasan Al Monem

Hasan Al Monem (aka Tanim) has completed Post Graduation in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering from Jahangirnagar University. He scored 326 in GRE with 161 in verbal reasoning and 165 in quantitative reasoning. He has experience of teaching GRE for over a year. Verbal reasoning is his strength and he can specially help students to do better in this particular section. Mr. Tanim is currently waiting to join the PhD program in Quantitative Biology at the University of Texas at Arlington in summer 2019 session.

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